1. Note books must be bought from the school only.

2. Pupils are responsible for the safety of their own belongings. The school cannot bear any responsibility for the loss of pupilís belongings. Parents are advised not to send the students with gold ornaments or valuable things.

3. Parents who seek information may meet the principal any time during the school hours. Parents are requested not to contact the teachers during the class hours. They can meet the teachers after school hours on all days.

4. Change of address of the pupil, if any should be intimated to the school office immediately.

5. Pupils are expected to take part in all in the co-curricular activities of the school. No one will be exempted except for legitimate reasons, which have been approved by the principal.

6. Parents are requested to respond to the invitation from the school for all public functions.

7. Rules are subject to modification

8. Parents of L.K.G and U.K.G students must be on time to take their children home

9. When a call goes to the parents from the school with regard to their childís performance or conduct at school, they will have to kindly make it a point to respond to it in the interest of their child.

10. Students are prohibited from bringing their personal magazines or story books to school.

NO Tuition in school or outside by J.G.M.H.S School teachers will be permitted


Violation of this instruction will be viewed seriously and cell phone will be confiscated


The pupils from std III onwards are divided into four Houses as given below GANGA, KAVERI, SINDHU, NARMADA

In order to promote a healthy competition and to develop a sense of service, to faster team spirit, competitions in sports, academic and co-curricular activities are arranged. Each house is awarded points based on its activities.