• Every pupil is expected to be polite and courteous

  • Habitual late coming, insubordination to the school authorities / teachers and any kind of cheating or serious misconduct are sufficient reasons to taking action and dismissal of student from school.

  • Pupils moving from classroom to another should do so in order, keeping to the left always and should observe perfect silence on their way.

  • Any pupil found loitering in the school premises would be seriously dealt with. During working hours, a restless or easy going attitude must be avoided.

  • During off-hours, whether before or after school hours, during short break or the Long recess, pupilís behaviour will be subject to examination and correction.

  • Writing or scribbling (writing with sharp instruments) on the walls or furniture and damage to any school property is forbidden

  • Pupils must read the notice board and take heed of the announcement made everyday.

  • Places where lunch is taken should be left clean. Lunch towels should be used.